Atheism is just a position of indecision. Isn’t it?

Post 13: Thread: “Science does not support Atheism, does it?”

[Replying to post 9 by paarsurrey1]

Atheism is just a position of indecision

W—– :

No. Atheism is a neutral position. It is the position one has in relation to ignorance, in that it holds no belief in GODs not that it has made a decision one way or the other about the existence of GODs. Agnosticism (which is regarded as being a subset of atheism) is more the position of not having made a decision, of being undecided.

Subgroups of atheism however, do involve decisive positions.

“Truthful Religion” has nothing to do with whether science does or does not support atheism, as per the OP.

I suggest that if you want to express your beliefs in what you consider to be “Truthful Religion” you can either create a thread in the Non-Christian Religions and Philosophies forum section (due to the obvious belief you have in regard to what the “Truthful Religion”) or perhaps use your tokens to purchase a thread of your own which no one else can comment on, in the Members Notes section of the forum

Paarsurrey wrote:
I don’t agree with one’s reasoning, one need not agree with me on it though and may stick to it.
The critical postmortem the Atheism people make religion subject to, they don’t accept that on Atheism though Atheism is by far most unreasonable. So from our point of view, they entered Atheism position/no-position without any positive evidence on its side from science, hence its refutation needs no evidence. It is a temporary abode, as soon as they open their hearts and minds to the Truth, they will come out of it, happily.
No compulsion, however, whatsoever, please.

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