“Did Baha’ullah read and understand Quran correctly?”

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I started a thread at my favourite discussion forum  https://www.religiousforums.com/ . One could participate in the discussion by clicking post #3   or just view the discussion at the forum.

#3 paarsurrey  wrote:

Unless one quotes a verse or verses of Quran which Baha’u’llah read and understood correctly from the context verses of Quran which others could not understand, this will be just a claim or a story. Please quote some examples.

In response to my above post the Bahai wrote the following post:
The Bahai wrote/said in Post #4 :

Both the Bab and Baha’u’llahs writings contain many many quotes from the Koran given in context and each are a book in its own right, so where could you start? It can not be posted here as it is far to much information.

Here is One passage of the Koran Baha’u’llah has explained

Qur’an 91, The Surah of the Sun
By the sun and its noonday brightness!
By the moon when it followeth it!
By the day when it revealeth its glory!
By the night when it enshroudeth it!
By the heaven and that which built it!
By the earth and that which spread it forth!
By a soul and Him who fashioned it!
And informed it of its wickedness and its piety;
Blessed now is he who hath kept it pure,
and undone is he who hath corrupted it!
Thamud in their insolence rejected their prophet,
When the greatest wretch among them rushed up:
Said the Apostle of God to them, “The Camel of God! Let her drink.”
But they treated him as an impostor and hamstrung her.
So their Lord destroyed them for their crime, and visited all alike:
Nor feared He the issue thereof.

Here is the explanation given by Baha’u’llah (Provisional Translation to English) – Commentary on the Surah of the Sun

A quote from it

“…Know that the sun mentioned in this blessed surah hath divers meanings. At the level of primacy and unity, and in the city of pre-existent divinity, it is one of God’s mysteries, one of his sanctuaries, stored away in His treasure hold, concealed in His knowledge, and sealed by God’s own seal. No one is informed thereof save the One, the Unique, the Omniscient. For in this station the sun signifieth the Primal Will and the illumination of divine oneness that by means of its Self sheddeth its effulgence upon the horizons. Whoever approached it was illumined thereby just as, when the sun riseth, its rays encompass the world, all save those surfaces that remain veiled from it by some obstacle….”


Paarsurrey says:
Baha’uallh did not explain the difficult portion of the Quran chapter. Why did God (Allah) swear (Qur’an 91, The Surah of the Sun)?
“By the sun and its noonday brightness!
By the moon when it followeth it!
By the day when it revealeth its glory!
By the night when it enshroudeth it!
By the heaven and that which built it!
By the earth and that which spread it forth!
By a soul and Him who fashioned it!”
Did Baha’ullah explain it?
He did not. If Baha’ullah did, then please quote from him.
This explanation is given by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:
“The Philosophy of Allah’s Swearing by Various things Here one needs to be reminded that there is a deep philosophy in God’s calling the sun and the moon etc. to witness.
Some of our opponents, out of their lack of knowledge, criticise God for calling to witness created things. As their intelligence is earthly and not heavenly they fail to appreciate true insights. The purpose of taking an oath is that the one who takes an oath puts forward a testimony in support of his claim. A person who has no witness of his claim calls God to witness, for He knows what is hidden and He is the foremost witness in every controversy. Such a person puts forward the testimony of God by taking an oath in His name, meaning thereby that if  God does not thereafter chastise him, that would be proof that God has confirmed the truth of his claim.
It is, therefore, not permissible for a person to take the oath of any created thing, for no created thing possesses knowledge of the unseen, nor has it the power to punish one who takes a false oath. In these verses, God calling various phenomena to witness is not the same thing as a person taking an oath. Divine manifestations are of two types. One, those that are obvious and concerning which there is no controversy. Secondly, there are those Divine manifestations which are inferential concerning which people differ and can fall into error. By calling to witness the obvious phenomena, God Almighty’s purpose is to establish by their evidence His inferential manifestations.
It is obvious that the sun and the moon and the day and the night and the heaven and the earth, possess the respective characteristics that we have mentioned, but everyone is not aware of the characteristics possessed by the human soul. Thus, God has set forth His obvious manifestations as witnesses for the purpose of explaining His inferential manifestations. It is as if He says: If you are in doubt with regard to the qualities with which  the human soul is invested, then reflect upon the sun and the moon and the other phenomena cited which obviously possess these qualities.
You know that man is a microcosm that comprises a tiny representation of the pattern of the universe. As it is clear that the great bodies of the macrocosm possess these qualities and provide benefits for God’s creatures, then how can man, who ranks above all those bodies, be without those qualities? That is not so.
Indeed, like the sun, man possesses the light of knowledge and reason whereby he can illumine the world. Like the moon he receives the light of vision and revelation from the Divine and conveys it to others who have not yet arrived at the highest stage of human progress. Then how can you say that prophethood is a false notion and that all prophethoods and purported Divine laws and books are only the imposture and selfishness of certain human beings. You observe how all paths are lit up and the heights and depressions become distinct when the day dawns.
In the same way perfect man is the day of spiritual light, by his advent every path becomes clearly distinguishable. He points out the right path, for he himself is the bright day of truth and righteousness. Similarly, you observe how the night accommodates the weary and how the labourers, after working hard during the day, sleep in the gracious lap of the night and rest from their labours. The night also covers up all defects and imperfections.
In the same way, the perfect servants of God come to provide comfort for people and the recipients of revelation relieve all wise people of extreme effort. Through them great problems of insight are easily resolved. Also Divine revelation covers up the defects of human reason and, like the night, does not let its faults to become known, inasmuch as wise people correct their mistakes on their own in the light of revelation, and thus through the blessings of God’s holy revelation save themselves from being exposed.
That is the reason why no Muslim philosopher offered the sacrifice of a rooster to an idol as was done by Plato. Plato was misled as he was deprived of the light of revelation and despite being a great philosopher he perpetrated such a stupid and hateful act. The following of our lord and master the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, safeguarded the Muslim philosophers against such stupid and unholy practices. This shows how Divine revelation covers up, like the night, the deficiencies of the wise.
182-184 The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
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