What is the significance of Takhat Sulaiman (Throne of Solomon) Srinagar Kashmir?

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tp ane mau nanya, berhubung ini thread all about Jesus,
tentang masa remaja Jesus (the lost year of Jesus), di dlm injil hanya di catet tentang kelahiran dan pelayanan Jesus, knp tdk pernah di ceritakan tentang masa remaja Jesus sebelum melakukan pelayanannya ??
tidak mungkin seorang yg sangat berpengaruh dlm sejarah spt Jesus, tidak ada sisa catatan tentang masa remajanya, seolah2 itu menghilang di telan bumi dan muncul kembali setelah berumur 30an untuk melakukan pelayanannya.
Between the ages of 14/15 Jesus told his parents that he wanted to travel and study other countries and their religions.Mary and Joseph agreed and sent him with two household workers and 2 of his brothers , James and John , and gave him a good supply of money.In that day , it was not unusual for young teenagers to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.Women were often married at a young age and started having children because life spans were so short . Boys quickly became men and started working to help support their families / even started their own families.
Christ and his small entourage joined a trade caravan and sett off first for the area we know as Turkey today.Jesus studied in Turkey at Byzantium(later known as Constantinople and today as Istanbul).This was a meeting place of scholars , merchants , artisans , theologians , and this is where he was first introduced to various beliefs in Gnosticism.Jesus stay here for few mths only , but even then he seemed to gather crowds of people around him.He left Byzantine and traveled eastward through the Anatalia region of Turkey and then continued onward southeast into what was then known as Mesopotamia(Iraq) and the city of Babylon.From Babylon he went into what was then known as Persia(Iran) and eastward through Afganistan into ancient India.He stayed in India for close to 10 years , studying under the Brahmans of the Hindu religion and also under Buddhist priests.While in India , he traveled to the areas of Kashmir and Tibet , seeking the highest teachers and masters possible for his studies.After some years , he sent his brothers back home to Israel with messages for his parents that he would be studying for an extended period of time.
While James with Jesus , he did take notes and did to a certain document their travels with a journal/diary.Sometime in the not too distant future, some / all of these writings will be discovered by archeologists , much as the National Geographic Society recently found the Gospel of Judas.
For those who think this is a pure fantasy , there are big surprise in store for you.There are dozens of texts from Eastern scholars that indicate that Christ was indeed in India and the surrounding areas at that time .He was called by many names by different cultures of people – “Issa” , “Isa” , ” Yuz Asaf” , “Budasaf” , “Yuz Asaph” , ” San Issa” and ” Yesu” . Many of these texts point out that he was a prophet or holy man from another land and some even point out that he was from Israel.
In Kashmir , in the city of Srinagar , are 2 separate fascinating monuments. First , there is the Roza Bal(or Razabal)which is purported to be the tomb of Jesus Christ .According to the beliefs of those in the area , Christ came to this area after his survival of the crucifixion and lived to be 120 years of age and was buried in this tomb.Also on a large hill of the city called the Takhat Sulaiman (Throne of Solomon), there is a monument that has 4 inscriptions , 2 of which are still legible .The inscriptions were recorded , however , and read as follows :
The mason of this pillar is Bihishti Zargar.Year 54.
Khwaja Rukun son of Murjan erected this pillar.
At this time Yuz Asaf proclaimed his prophethood.Year 54.
He is Jesus , Prophet of Children of Israel.Now , these monuments are very perplexing to Christians.They logically relate to Christ coming back to this area after his survival of crucifixion.Therein lies the problem , because the Christian faith believes Christ died on the cross.One of the monuments is even supposed to be his tomb.(the tomb doesn’t contain his body , because he actually died in France , but the people of the area so venerated him that they put up a symbolic tomb).Here we have 2 monuments in the obscure area of Kashmir that say categorically that Christ not only survived the crucifixion , but also came to this area after that event and lived.Both of these monuments are very ancient and the date to the time of Christ , but are we to readily surmise that they are some elaborate hoax?
Although the evidence seems to be substantial , it’s not the only evidence that is out there concerning Jesus’ travels.There are many Eastern texts that mention him and his works in the Far East.It is also interesting to note that one of the largest religion in the world , Islam , venerates Christ as a prophet and messenger from God.Muslims believe he survived the crucifixion and did not die on the cross.More sources by reading books below : The Jesus Mystery by Janet Brock , Jesus lived in India by Holger Kersten , The Unknown Life of Jesus by Nicholas Notovich , A search for historical Jesus by Dr Fida Hassnain.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Search terms : Sylvia Browne mention of Takhat Sulaiman

“The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ

By Sylvia Browne”

“The inscriptions were recorded , however , and read as follows :
The mason of this pillar is Bihishti Zargar.Year 54.
Khwaja Rukun son of Murjan erected this pillar.
At this time Yuz Asaf proclaimed his prophethood.Year 54.
He is Jesus , Prophet of Children of Israel.” Page 30-31
“A Note on Two Erased Persian Inscriptions on Takht-e-Suleiman Hill Srinagar”
Muzaffar Ahmad
Muzaffar Ahmad
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