Muhammad was never trained to be a soldier

Muhammad spread his religion and peace with the minimum human loss.
Muhammad was never trained to be a soldier. He was a tradesman and had no big ambitions. He was busy in himself, praying in reclusiveness and was a happy person .


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One may also like to read more to know that Muhammad only defended himself and his followers for co-existence, that was denied by the Meccans to them :

The following are some of the events relating to the major wars the Prophet was involved in:

Persecution of Muslims in Mecca, and Muslim Migration to Medina

“The Prophet began receiving revelations from God in 610 CE in Mecca.  As a result, the Prophet criticized the Meccans for worshipping idols and for mistreating the weak.  Therefore, the Meccans became hostile to the Muslims and subjected the Muslims to physical abuse.  When some of the Muslims escaped to Abyssinia, the Meccans followed them and unsuccessfully tried to convince the Abyssinians to turn the Muslims over to the Meccans.  In September 622 CE, the Meccans tried to assassinate the Prophet.  The Prophet and his followers escaped to Medina at the invitation of a group of people from Medina who had become Muslim.  The Prophet and his followers left their homes and all their property in Mecca and fled to Medina; the Meccans confiscated the Muslims’ property.”

8 Rules of Engagement Taught by the Prophet Muhammad:


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