Indus Valley Civilization

It is essential that Veda/Yajurveda flora and fauna mentioned in its chapters should be analyzed to verify which land they were written.

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    The Dravidians don’t agree with it. Aryan Civilization and the IVC features are different:

    The Vedas describe the wheels of the Chariots with spokes, but the wheels that are seen on the seals and vehicles of clay in Indus valley do not have wheels with spokes.2

    Following analysation of Sir John Marshall on the Indus Valley Civilization here are given some clues.

    1. “The picture of Indo-Aryan society portrayed in the Vedas is that of a partly pastoral, partly agricultural people, who have not yet emerged from the village state, who have no knowledge of life in cities or of the complex economic organization which such life implies, and whose houses are nondescript affairs constructed largely of bamboo.

    At Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, on the other hand, we have densely populated cities with solid, commodious houses of brick equipped with a adequate sanitation, bathrooms, wells, and other amenities.

    2. The metals which the Indo-Aryans used in the time of the Rigveda are gold and copper or bronze; but a little late, in the time of the Yajurveda and Atharvaveda, these metals are supplemented by silver and iron.

    Among the Indus people silver is commoner than gold, and utensils and vessels are sometimes made of stone – a relic of the Neolithic Age – as well as of copper and bronze. Of iron there is no vestige.

    Is Indus Valley Civilization Dravidian
    And there are many others given on the above link.

    Post by: paarsurrey, Jan 14, 2017 in forum: Religious Debates

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    “there is no pre-Vedic or post-Vedic period”

    One certainly does not find it convenient to talk in these terms, but since when date classification are made, the dates have no certainties due to revisions made in them while discussing the Pre-History period.
    For the History period it is OK, as their are some written record to confirm them.


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    One poster commented:

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    I am not a Quranist, yet every Muslim only considers Quran as Word of G-d, and Hadith the sayings of Muhammad.

    Quran existed continuous in its present form since it was revealed on Muhammad.
    Hadith was collected 250/300 years after Muhammad.

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    One poster commented:

    “Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads”
    Only Vedas are revealed, all others don’t form the revealed scripture and belong to Post Veda Period and are un-revealed. PleaseRegards

    Post by: paarsurrey, Jan 12, 2017 in forum: Religious Debates
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  15. It has been strongly contested by others:

    • There is no reference in Rigveda to the big cities or important places of the IVC.
    • There is no evidence in Rigveda about the Indus peoples’ architectural skills.
    • There is no evidence in Rigveda about the tubed drainages found in the Indus valley.
    • There is no evidence in Rigveda about water reservoirs or ponds found in Indus valley.
    • There is no evidence in Rigveda about water urn burials found in Indus valley.

    Why the Rig Vedas Cannot Overlap with the Indus Valley Civilization
    There are many other points mentioned in the above article. One may like to visit that site to reconcile the issue.

#39 paarsurrey, Jan 12, 2017


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