Isn’t Atheism a faith-based non-religion?

Wednesday at 9:03 AM#1

paarsurrey wrote:


Isn’t Atheism a faith-based non-religion?

They have faith in doubt. Right? Please


Yesterday at 5:00 PM#151

Acim wrote:

This is not how I would define faith. Or how I would define it is from what my dictionary and many others say which is:

complete trust or confidence in someone or something

Yet, I’m willing to set aside that one and go with the first one to show how atheism is fundamentally based on faith.

“Without regard to evidences” does not apply to atheism. Atheists may have individual concerns with that and their own variation of atheism, but I either have never seen atheism defined with the word evidence or rarely seen it.

“Faith is acceptance of belief” is the one I would tie to atheism in that it is accepting of the idea there are no gods (in existence). Because that is without regard to evidences, then that would make atheism a matter of faith. Again, individual atheists may have the idea that it is with regard to evidence, or lack thereof, but atheism does not.


Yesterday at 5:17 PM#152

Valjean said:


I’ll acknowledge that Strong Atheism does have a belief, but I’d include that qualifier when making general statements about “atheism.” Strong atheism is a particular, minority subset of atheists. Without the qualifier I’d read ‘atheism’ to indicate solely a lack of belief, weather from logic, indifference or ignorance.

Today at 2:23 AM#167

    wrote: ArtieE

You are now confusing atheism with agnosticism.

Theist: Believes at least one god exists.
Atheist: Doesn’t believe any gods exist.
Gnostic: Knows whether gods exist or not.
Agnostic: Doesn’t know if any gods exist or not.

Theism: Belief in the existence of at least one god.
Atheism: Absence of this belief.

Weak atheist: Doesn’t believe any gods exist AND doesn’t believe gods don’t exist either. Undecided.
Strong atheist: Doesn’t believe any gods exist AND actively believes no gods exist. Decided.

Agnostic theist: Doesn’t know if gods exist but believes one or more do.
Agnostic weak atheist: Doesn’t know if gods exist and hasn’t made up his mind what to believe about them
Agnostic strong atheist: Doesn’t know 100% if gods don’t exist but believes they don’t.
Gnostic theist: Says he knows a god or gods exist. We just put “theist” behind to indicate what it is that the gnostic knows.
Gnostic atheist: Says he knows gods don’t exist. We just put “atheist” behind to indicate what it is that the gnostic knows.

Hope this will clear up things a bit.


Paarsurrey wrote:

I gave above some posts that explain the topic I started.






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