Did Vedas exist before The Bhagavad Gita ?

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paarsurrey wrote:

Thanks for one’s confirmation that Krishna and Bhagvad Gita came later and hence Veda/s do not mention them, if I understood one correctly. Please

Sep 29, 2016#54

paarsurrey wrote:

Did Vedas exist before The Bhagavad Gita ?
Friend @Kirran@Kirran !

The respect of Veda, or any other revealed scripture is to read it often, to get guidance from it in one’s life and not to throw its teachings on one’s back . Why did G-d reveal Veda, if it was a superficial guidance for the humans and never needed? Please
When Veda believers left Veda, Veda also left them, and it became open for the narrators/scribes/priests to do any corruptions they wanted.
If one leaves one’s Jewelry in the open, anybody could pick it up. Right? Please

Sep 30, 2016#57

One may like to read post #22 in another sub-forum related to it:

paarsurrey wrote:
Did I say that? I never said that ever. If yes, then please quote from me.
I always try to elevate the status of all the revealed religions, their scriptures and their founders. Right? Please
Anybody, please



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