Veda people never lived in Arctic. Did they?

Post Sep 16, 2016#11

Paarsurrey wrote:

There are many theories about the background of Veda people.

Some hold that Veda people were Aryans who entered the Indian-sub-Continent on chariots and on horse-backs invading the Indian-sub-Continent. One could see in Veda description of the horses, the chariots, the weaponry the Veda people had.

  1. Others hold that it was not an invasion, it was a migration, and the native locals dispersed to barren lands and remote places vacating the green pastures for the invaders/immigrants, happily, while the natives were also agriculturists or animal tenders.
    • Those who subscribe to this view admit that there was war, they name it “Battle of 10 Kings” while this name is not perhaps mentioned in Veda.
    • Veda is full of words of war,battles, foes, enemies etc. And such words are almost in every chapter of the Yajurveda. So, the Veda people were warriors.
    • Did they fight all these battles before invasion/migration to the Indian-sub-Continent? They provide no details.

There are other theories also, each has impossibilities of its own.

Neither Veda solves them nor the holders of such theories. Please


Post Sep 14, 2016#1

Paarsurrey wrote:

1. There is no archaeological evidence to support that Vedic people ever lived in the Arctic.
2. Snow and ice which is everywhere in the Arctic is not mentioned in Veda, not to speak of mentioning it very frequently.
3. No animal, plant or bird specific to Arctic is mentioned in Veda.

Thread open to everybody. Please



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