Veda people never lived in Arctic. Did they?

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Our friend @Aupmanyav@Aupmanyav has read it. So through a good friend it could be discussed. He could mention the valid points in the book, one by one here.
The book of BG Tilak’s is not that important. So, I will concentrate on Veda. Please
My points are ?

  1. Was Veda revealed in the Arctic?
  2. Was Veda revealed in the countries of Europe or in the Central Asia?
  3. Was Veda revealed in the Indian-sub-Continent?
  4. Was Veda revealed elsewhere?
  5. Was Veda partially revealed in any one of the above and partially in others?

These are the questions which need to be focused and answered. Right? Please
Anybody, please


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Paarsurrey wrote:

Veda people never lived in Arctic. Did they?

I quick searched the following from Archaeology of the Arctic and its people:

Last glacial period – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Late Glacial Maximum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Humans Were Living in the Arctic 15,000 Years Earlier Than We …
Arctic Studies Center – Resources – Frequently Asked Questions
Pleistocene Epoch: Facts About the Last Ice Age – Live Science
Ancient migration: Coming to America : Nature News & Comment
American Beginnings: The Prehistory and Palaeoecology of Beringia
[BOOK] Ancient people of the Arctic
The stone age of Kamchatka and the Chukchi Peninsula in the light of new archaeological data
NN Dikov, GH Clark – Arctic Anthropology, 1965 – JSTOR
PDF] Mamontovaya Kurya: an enigmatic, nearly 40 000 years old Paleolithic site in the Russian Arctic
[PDF] Environmental approaches to the prehistory of the north


I found no mention/clue about the Arya or Aryan people in Archaeology of the Arctic . If I missed one, please let us know. Right? Please



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