Veda people never lived in Arctic. Did they?

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Paarsurrey Post  #42

Paarsurrey wrote:

I don’t buy/subscribe to any specific theory about Veda people . My question is very simple. Who were the enemies whom Veda People faced in millions and with whom they were at war?:

Yajurveda CHAPTER VI

18. O warlike hero, may thy mind in battle be filled with know-
ledge, and thy breath be united to life’s force. O hero, thou art the
killer of foes. May the fire of righteous indignation created by battle
mature thee. Facing millions of the army of enemies, let not the heat
generated by battle disturb thee.

May thou get refreshing drinks to fight in war with the velocity
of wind, and speed of the sun.

Where these war took place and when? in the Indian-sub-Continent or out side of it? Please identify the belligerents.

Anybody, please



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