Metophor/ poetic tools used in Veda?!

Aug 10, 2016#33

Paarsurrey wrote:

So, one believes that Vedas are in metaphoric language and one should understand Veda in metaphoric language and not in the literal sense. Right?
That would entail finding metaphoric meaning of the words used in Sanskrit or Hindi or Urdu translations of terms used in Vedic translations, like:

  1. Indra Devta
  2. Akash Devta
  3. Suruj Devta
  4. Chand Devta
  5. Dharti Devta
  6. Agni Devta
  7. Vayu Devta
  8. Etc, etc,etc ∞.

If so what would be their meaning in metaphoric sense? Please
Anybody and or everybody may give their input, please.

Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
Paarsurrey wrote:
It is very natural to use poetic tools/devices in poetic verses in vogue in Vedic Times. If Yajurveda used a form of poetry as is common in hymns , then it is expected to use some forms/tools/devices or all of them as is common with poetry. Right?
What are tools of poetry? Please find out, one perhaps already knows. Right?

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