Did Veda people ever lived in the Arctic?



Aug 16, 2016#46

paarsurrey wrote:

Is that mentioned in the Veda what I have colored in magenta?
I once read there are many theories in connection with people who came to India some say they came from Australia others say they came from China, still others say they came from Africa.

The First Human Race Came From Australia, NOT Africa!
Over the last decade, all manner of unexpected archaeological discoveries have led to many experts questioning much of what was assumed to be fact.Recent findings and field-work relating to little ‘hobbits’ in Flores Island, Siberian hominids with mtDNA connections to people of Papua New Guinea, the exclusivity of our distinct genetic Homo sapiens code being compromised by a 4% Neanderthal input, and a variety of unexpected findings have called into question many elemental assumptions held about the past.

The Origin and History of the Aryans of Ancient India – Hinduwebsite.com

The article explores the facs and myths concerning the Aryans and their … to one school of thought the Aryans came in hordes and first settled in northwestern India, … central Asia, Russia, China and probably Arctic region by land and by sea.
Are there any clues in Veda itself? That will be of my interest . It is also doubtful that “Arya” is/was a proper name of a race/tribe mentioned in Veda. Is it? Please


Aug 23, 2016#48

Paarsurrey wrote:

Please enrich one’s viewpoint by quoting from Veda/Yajurveda. It is such a voluminous narration that it should have not missed such points, rather it should be abundant with such narrations. Right? Please


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