Veda people never lived in Arctic. Did they?

Post Sep 25, 2016#74

That comment pertained to the part that I have colored in magenta, of the following post :

Paarsurrey wrote:

Quote :”how does so many cultures around the world that never met all had the same kind of legends about dragons, or fire spitting snake/lizards”: Unquote

Islam is Truthful religion, that doesn’t mean other revealed religions and their scriptures were not truthful, they were sure truthful in their origin when they were revealed by Brahman, however, one has to see through their scriptures for the truth due to additions made in them by the narrators/priests/scribes. It is for this that Veda was one in origin that have been made into several volumes now.

Veda believers and Quran believers have lived together for many centuries, I think they both have a very close and strong association since the times Muslims first came to Kerala, India peacefully, in the times of Muhammad, as is said.



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