Was Islam spread by the sword?

  1. A country could go to war for many political and other reasons, not necessarily for conversion to one’s religion.
  2. People don’t change their religion to the religion of the invaders, it is an altogether different phenomenon not linked with the battles or wars.
  3. Alexander conquered a large part of Asia, nobody changed their religion because of it.
  4. When I quote from Wikipedia, I don’t change anything written there even if it is against my religion because I could argue against those things reasonably as I am doing now.
  5. If people of Cyprus could convert to Islam peacefully now as I have given examples when there is no war going on there for conversion to Islam, that amply proves that it had happened at that time in the past also peacefully.
  6. The invaders didn’t remain there all the time since invasion. If people of Cyprus converted to Islam under sword, they could have reverted to their previous faith anytime later when there was no sword on their head.

What kept them steadfast on Islam? It is the truth of Islam/Quran/Muhammad that bound them and glued them to this faith. Right?


Thread: “Was Islam spread by the sword?”





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