Did Moses Really Write the Torah?

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Torah was mostly a verbal transmission and later, rather very late that it was known to be a book:

Did Moses Really Write the Torah?

“It was only once Judea fell under Greek culture that a book market began to develop and the author began to be of importance. The first Hebrew book to state clearly who its author was is the Wisdom of Sirach, written in the beginning of the second century BCE by a Jewish scribe named Ben Sira, well after the Greek conquest.
Thus an identity for the writer of the Pentateuch became sought. But how did the misunderstanding that it was Moses arose? That brings us to the second change – a semantic one.”
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/features/.premium-1.657492

A book, therefore, has not necessarily to be bound in covers (of leather etc). Is it?



Thread: “How does (did) one know who has (had) authored a book?”

Post #64




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