“There are no mistakes in Quran”


Islam or any other religion does not need any terror to spread. It is the politicians who do it and use name of religion as strategy. Terror is a hindrance in the spread of Islam.
Nobody pays me.
It is my own belief, conviction and experience that there is no mistake in Quran. People don’t read verses of Quran intently so their understanding is short to get the correct meaning.
Please read Post #175. That may help.

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Thread: “There are no mistakes in Quran”
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Paarsurrey wrote:

Also @ friend q konn
Quran is primarily a verbal Message/Recitation from G-d in Arabic, as a secondary measure it was also committed to writing and is available in a book form, in both forms it has reached us in its pristine form one supporting the other without any change.

1. Quran is authored by G-d, not by the prophet Muhammad, hence it has the same systems of its arrangement as the Universe has been arranged. If one understands the arrangements of Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Galaxies, Mountains ,rivers, deserts, valleys, forests, plains; then one can understand the arrangement of Quran; as all of them have been created by Him. If one does not understand the arrangement of the Universe and its units; then one is excused if he does not understand the arrangement of Quran. Universe is created by G-d and the Message/Recitation/Quran is authored by Him.
2. The first Chapter of the Quran, which consists of the seven verses; it is the summary or essence of the Quran. The rest of the Quran explains it in detail. One could see this system easily in Quran.
3. The verses of Quran mostly have endings in some attributes of G-d; this informs us how different attributes do work in different circumstances.
4. Quran has been translated in many languages. One could see the original text in Arabic and its translation in Urdu and English by accessing the linkhttp://www.alislam.org/quran/search2/index.php, for some other languages please click http://www.alislam.org/ and see under the heading in the page Holy Quran > Search Quran Translation.and or >Browse Quran Translations> and or more about the Holy Quran.​



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