Atheism is no problem. It has no basis

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I agree with you.

Atheism is no problem. It has no basis. We should convince them with the our reasonable and brilliant signs and arguments on one to one basis in and outside the Academia, over a cup of tea and coffee, like:

Hello! Hello! Hello
!Peace be on you and your family.
Over a cup of hot coffee or tea in the Tim Hortons
Without the burden of “Burden of proof”
Let us compare our notes on:
“Does God exist or does not exist?”
Don’t worry; I will pay the bill of Tim Hortons.
Cordially invited to one to one discussion
Open to everybody, the Theists (the believers in God) of all denominations and the Atheists (the non-believers) of all hues and colors.
It will be a peaceful dialogue and without derision or ridicule.
Just call me, please:
I am, Skeptic of the Skeptic, a believer in God very naturally.

I am confident we can convince them with peaceful dialogue .


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