“Is there a complete list of countries where Islam spread by the sword? “

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Sometimes or even often while a discussion is proceeding reasonably, an issue comes in between that could derail the discussion.
This happened with the thread “Was Islam spread by the sword?” where I and many other friends discuss the topic. Some of the friends here contend that Islam spread by the sword while I maintain that Islam spread peacefully in the world, yet they stress their viewpoint. I requested them to provide a complete list of countries where they contend Islam spread by the sword. Somehow they are reluctant to provide any such complete list.
Hence I have started this thread.
Atheists or Theists to provide such list (in terms of Post #2) with their evidences, if any, please


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Paarsurrey wrote:

For example Post #2506, Post #2532 refers

Kindly give a complete list of countries where you see sword in action:

  • Only for conversion to religion Islam.
  • There was no other factor involved, absolutely none, for sure none,certainly none.
  • There were no earlier conversion to Islam before that in that country.
  • If there were earlier conversions , before you see sword in action; what were the clear motives of converts behind?
  • Were the converts since then “under sword” constantly till now that they could not revert to their previous religion? If not, why do they stick to Quran/Islam/Muhammad even now?

Anybody please


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Paarsurrey wrote:

Is there a complete list of countries where Islam spread by the sword?

No one did provide a complete and with consensus list with 100% accurate evidence. Did one? Please
If yes, please mention the post number.

Post #210

Just find one act of violence done my Muhammad while he spent first 13 years of his ministry in Mecca out of 23 years total . That would be enough. Will one? Please



Thread: “Is there a complete list of countries where Islam spread by the sword? “

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