New Atheists. Are they extremists?

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You can use whatever term you like, I was just stating the pretty obvious fact that people understand what New Atheism is, and that the term is neutral rather than a flagrant insult.

I actually posted the article generally accepted as being the one which popularised the term, you conveniently left that part out of your reply though.

The article was written by an atheist and is very reasonable. You can read it if you like; I kindly provided you with a link :)

There’s a certain kind of atheist, often the kind who likes Richard Dawkins and posts about religion on the internet, who belongs to a very strange bunch: exceedingly precious over their sacred cows and as closed minded as a religious fundamentalist.

All I said was that New Atheism is a term that has meaning, which is pretty obvious seeing as we all manage to understand it pretty accurately in this discussion and it is a term that is not uncommon in the mainstream media, has its own Wikipedia page and turns up 307,000 hits if typed into Google in “quotes”. I said I didn’t care much for the term personally, but it’s just a term that stuck so no point in sulking and churlishly pretending you don’t understand it.

For committing the crime of saying that New Atheist as a term carries meaning, and pointing out that it is a neutral term rather than a pejorative one (with evidence to prove the point) I have been accused by various people of:

1. Partaking in conspiracy theories
2. Spreading venom
3. Being an apologist for religion
4. Not being a ‘true’ atheist
5. Being some kind of undercover theist [who is mendaciously trying to undermine atheism by engaging in pointless quibbles on the internet]

It’s quite cute really, certainly raised a smile :grinning:

Thread : “Was the New Atheism Movement a Failed Crisis Cult”

Post #301



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