“ I will convey thy message to reach the ends of the Earth ”


Mestemia said:

In Post #2682
What does the Koran say about cars?
What does the Koran say about cloning?
What does the Koran say about medicine?
other than camel urine is a magical cure all…
paarsurrey said:
Are you against animals? Camel is an innocent animal. Isn’t it? Please

Paarsurrey says:

This innocent animal (camel) which was called the ship of the desert in Arabia, was to be a sign, among many others, as mentioned in Quran in Post #2833 and Hadith Post #2854and illustrated further in #2910, #2962.
Not only the camel but a sort of a donkey was also incidentally mentioned, that was to appear at End of Days or the time of truthful Jesus’ Second Coming in Hadith of truthful Muhammad, and one would be certainly interested knowing about it, I must say.
Muhammad prophesied about the present times with great signs that would appear on the sky and on the earth , and they have appeared exactly, at the end of times but he was wise to do it in a symbolic way that the audience of Muhammad’s time could understand it better also.
So, Muhammad prophesied about new modes of communication that would be invented with the advent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 to change the scenario of the world to make the spread of his message with convenience to the corners of the Earth:
I will convey thy message to reach the ends of the Earth
— 1 February 1886[27]
God told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1886.



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