The Hijaz Railway/ The British Museum

Hot Debate:  “Was Islam spread by the sword?”
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Mestemia said:

In Post #2682
What does the Koran say about cars?
What does the Koran say about cloning?
What does the Koran say about medicine?
other than camel urine is a magical cure all…
paarsurrey said:
Are you against animals? Camel is an innocent animal. Isn’t it? Please

Paarsurrey says:

This innocent animal (camel) which was called the ship of desert in Arabia, was to be a sign as mentioned in Quran in Post #2833:
In this context the prophecy of the she-camels being abandoned can evidently be understood to mean that better, faster and more powerful means of transport will have been invented. I quoted an Hadith for which one could like to refresh oneself by reading Post #2854.

Quran and Hadith clearly hint that in the time of the Jesus’ (Second Coming) , she-camel will be abandoned.
This happened in the nineteenth century when with the development of the modern vehicles, like Railway Trains and later Cars, Buses, Trucks plied on the roads instead of the camels.
Yes indeed it happened precisely in that time.

So we can easily deduce from Quran and Hadith that coming of the Mahdi/Messiah was destined when she-camels were to be abandoned and instead new and modern vehicles were to be invented, it is a clear clue and brilliant sign of truth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as peaceful Mahdi/Messiah in Islam and as the End-Time Reformer.

The Hijaz Railway
The British Museum


In 1900, the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II (reigned 1876–1909) put out an appeal to Muslims of the world to support the building of a railway connecting Damascus to the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. Built by public subscription and with the advice of German engineers, the line from Damascus reached Medina in 1908. Pilgrims who embarked from Haydarpaşa station in Istanbul could now travel all the way to Medina by rail. This reduced the journey from almost forty days to five. Thousands of pilgrims from Russia, Central Asia, Iran and Iraq also converged on Damascus to take the train.…y/routes/the_ottoman_route/hijaz_railway.aspx

So camels and train are signs , the earlier an ancient symbol of means of communication and the later the symbol of the modern means of communication; of course, cars, trucks, buses, ships, aeroplanes etc are also covered by the sign.


Damascus-Hejaz station.jpg

Hejaz Train Station in Damascus,
the starting point of the railway.

Syria 100 Pounds 1998 Banknote: Hejaz Railway locomotive at l., Damascus railway station at centre.


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