Appeal for lifting ban on paarsurrey at Rational Skepticism Forum

  1. ignorantianescia Says:
    Hi paarsurrey, long time no see. You’re the one from Rational Skepticism, aren’t you?

  2. ignorantianescia Says:
    Well, that’s rude of them – but I know RatSkep can be kind of rude and blind to their own privilege. Why did that happen?

    Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? They’re just for me to understand your beliefs, I won’t try to trip you up or anything.

    • paarsurrey Says:
      You may intervene and ask them to lift ban on me. You know I never insulted anybody and was polite with them. I love that forum and would be thankful to you if you convince them.
      You are welcome for any questions you have. I may publish them in my blog as a separate posts as well. Please
  3. ignorantianescia Says:
    Unfortunately, the success rate of appeals is very low. I strongly doubt they would rescind a ban.

    Is there a common Ahmadi view on how the Qur’an and the Hadith must be interpreted? How would you describe that view, if it is indeed the case that there’s a common Ahmadi view?


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