metisecumenical agnostic

As a Jew, I have to disagree with you on this. During what’s often called the “Golden Age of Islam”, the religion did contribute much to mathematics especially, but also to some other matters as well. Unfortunately, that “golden age” has since passed, and modern Islam has more slipped into “political correctness” that is holding back innovative thought and subsequent actions.


metisecumenical agnostic

There’s always an interconnection between a society and its religious base(s).

The Judaism people also belong to the religion. Their contributions to science can never be denied. Am I right?


metisecumenical agnostic

In anthropology, religion is considered one of the “five basic institutions” that all societies have and have had as far back as we can go in human history. The other four are family, political, economic, and educational. There is an interrelationship between these five in all societies, so religion does play a role in each of them to varying degrees.

The Golden Age of Islam very much had an interrelationship with the development and manifestation of the educational systems in many countries, and Islam still plays a role in modern Islamic societies of course


metisecumenical agnostic


Thanks and regards my brother in humanity.

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