Scientists (or Historians) specialists in their fields might be quacks in Religion?

Post #77

kerndog said:

kerndogReligion:Jehovahs Witness
So, …if I behead people, in front of thousands of other people, merely because they did not agree with MY religion, and this is made a matter of public record, and it then becomes a HISTORICAL FACT, this in your assumption is an ” OPINION ” ?? …I will bet you my next paycheck, that if I beheaded members of your family, that years later you would think of it as much much more than an “OPINION ” of some HISTORIAN ! First and foremost MY LORD would not behead you for disagreeing with him, he had a word to describe people who think like you…”.HYPOCRITE ”

Paarsurrey wrote:

paarsurreyAn Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

An excellent and thought revealing post.
Our resident historians who have graduated from school/college/university yet their vision is still restricted within the precincts of their institution to note this post please to broaden their outlook to outer-world. Please



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