Is there a complete list of countries where Islam spread by the sword?

A Greased Scotsman said:
A Greased ScotsmanPagan – Greek polytheism
They don’t worship the same gods, no. And I never suggested that they did. Indeed, a goddess called Allat was worshipped during this time period. She was worshipped in the city of Ta’if. Ta’if was attacked twice by Muslim armies; the second time they surrendered. One of the conditions of their surrender was that they had to embrace Islam and stop worshipping Allat. Spread by the sword, right there.

I don’t doubt they worshipped Allah. But considering the polytheist nature of pre-Islamic society, I doubt it would have been in a context that Islam would have agreed with. It sounds like Islam is just the cult (the old definition of the word: e.g. ‘focussed worship’) of one Pagan god that gained power and influence thanks to the actions of a barbarian warlord. It’s speculated that both Zoroastrianism and Judaism began from similar roots – that their monotheisms were the cults of cultural gods that grew and gained influence until they were strong enough to start removing the worship of other gods from society.

Regarding pre-Islamic belief in Abraham, his sons and angels; what evidence do you have to support this?


I like you post.
Muhammad’s father’s name was Abdullah which means one who is in service of Allah. Muhammad did not invent the word “Allah*”, it was naturally in vogue in the Arabs.

*Allah is proper name of God in Arabic, which represents all the attributes of God or their essence.



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