Should one believe or not believe in gravity or that earth is round?

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viole said:
If I did, I would flip my religion all the time depending on the professional I am talking to.
If I ask different physicists about gravity, it is plausible I would get the same explanations. Explanations that do not depend on where they were born or what their parents know about physics.
Can you say the same about religion?
– viole
Post #86
paarsurrey said:
Don’t you already believe in gravity?
Post #93
viole said
I do not believe in gravity. I accept the evidence thereof everytme I weight myself in the morning. Different thing.
But my point relates to the fact that most scientists agree on the same epistemology when it comes to scientific issues. Independently from their culture and upbringing, in general. Belief in God, on the other hand, is fragmented in clusters. If you are born in Saudi Arabia you will probably become a Muslm. If you are born in Alabama, probably not. But if both individuals study physics, they will both agree on the qualities of gravity.
Why do all believers in gravity, as you would call them, agree on what gravity is, while believers in God do not?
– viole
Post #97 paarsurrey said:
You don’t believe in gravity? You don’t believe that Earth is round? Do you?
Do you think that science is the only knowledge that exists in the world, except it there is no other knowledge? Do you, please?
Your generalization about the truthful religion is wrong. In almost all parts of the world it is spreading and people convert to it. Even yesterday I was introduced to two persons, on got converted to Islam from Christianity belonged to Canada and the other was a Hindu who got converted to Islam he belonged to Trinidad.

Paarsurrey wrote:

On what basis? Please
That does not prove that people are not converting to the Truthful Religion. Does it? Please

I did not say, that it will happen in your life-time and or mine. Did I? Please
It will happen within three hundred years after Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 though.



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