Hot Debate : Why one must believe the “Academia” or the “scholars”?

Post #52 icehorse said:


I’ll quickly reiterate what jonathan said so eloquently a few posts back:
It all boils down to verifiable, repeatable evidence.
Yes, I agree that there are fakers in the world. Fakers can’t produce verifiable, repeatable evidence.
Post #80 paarsurrey said:
Please let us know as to what one understands from the words “evidence”, “verifiable” and “repeatable”. One’s own understanding not of the lexicon, please.
Post #85 leibowde84 said:

Evidence that is not only documented, but also is within reach of the common person. Verifiable just means that we don’t have to take anyone’s word for subjective experiences or anything. We can look at the evidence and verify the theory presented by an acedemic. Repeatable means that you can conduct a controlled experiment yourself and see the same results.
paarsurrey said:
Now please fit them on history. Right?

Post #99 Paarsurrey wrote:

Can one go back in time and verify the history of Greece say in the time of Socrates as it happened and repeat the events of his life? Please



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