Point of Hot Debate:Why one must believe the “Academia” or the “scholars”?

Post # 5

Koldo said:


It is not whether you believe in them that matters, but rather why you don’t.

Post #23

Paarsurrey wrote:

I agree with your first part that I have coloured in magenta* as science deals is only a portion of life, by not knowing much of a portion, one could dispense with. But religion deals with the whole human life, even the life after this life, there it will be wrong not to believe in G-d and the truthful scriptures and the truthful prophets, it may entail irreparable loss. Sorry, I cannot agree with later part of your post.

*In italics,above

Post #49

Paarsurrey wrote:

I don’t agree with what I have coloured in magenta in one’s post.
One has got simply wrong information about the truthful religion. Please prove it with evidences.





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