Hot debate : How to read Quran to understand it correctly

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Paarsurrey wrote

One has to adopt a proper measure to understand the truthful scripture, it is not like reading a novel or a story-book.
Please give it another try.
One should be clear of any bias while reading Quran.
Kindly start studying Quran from the beginning to the end, then read it again please and have a note-book with you while intently reading it. One should write down the valid question arising in one’s mind very naturally; this is not prohibited. If the context makes the questions clear or one realizes that one’s question is not valid; one could delete it and proceed further. This may take sometime of course; but it is worthwhile trying it, after all it is an oft quoted book of an important world religion.
I think it is not difficult to understand the verses by using a common sense approach which is generally helpful for understanding any book in the world.
A single verse without the text and the context could be sometimes misleading.
One cannot correctly understand the meaning of a word unless one knows the whole sentence in which it has been used; the value of a sentence could be best understood in a passage, and of a passage is best understood in a chapter. The reference with the context is therefore most essential for a meaningful understanding.
This helps to understand the verses; hence Quran is self-explanatory.
Quran in the very beginning make it known that it is a book for guidance to humanity to the righteous and as such it should be referred to in the ethical, moral and spiritual matters. Why persist to use it otherwise?
Another thing is that science is never final in anything; there is always a room for improvement in knowledge of science; nobody has closed yet the book of science; so why at all compare it with Quran.
Quran leaves the field of science open for search and research for the believers and the non-believers alike; it does not block science for investigation or oppose it.
Science does not have any absolute realities; it is a tool of human beings for physical advancements and with the available data it searches and researches till it matches with the nature; nature is the master. Nature existed when humans had virtually no knowledge of science; and science is subject to improvement as and when new data is obtained. It has no claims to perfectness.
It is therefore futile to look for any scientific mistakes in Quran; there is none there.
It provides guidance on temporal, moral and spiritual matters. Quran does not want that it should be believed only as a book of authority from an authority. It provides the wisdom to a thing and reason and logical arguments, in a way, that it is not a tedious book like the books of philosophy which are full with difficult terminology not understood by the common man. It mentions wisdom for the Philosophers, experts and the common people all at one and the same time; as it is guidance for everybody.
I think it appropriate here to suggest an on-line website for studying the same:
It is true that Quran if read in the Arabic language a little loudly in a manner that it does not disturb others has its own spell-bound charm; that cannot be denied.
Nevertheless; its real charm is its profound system of meaning conveyed in its message; one could benefit from it, in any language. Where-ever the translator has not been able to comprehend the meaning correctly, one could check the original Arabic word and find its etymology, available online.
I have personal experience of this; people borrow questions from unfriendly websites; but when referred to Quran, for the text and context, the questions become irrelevant.
I may add here that all translations, in fact, are commentaries as one could translate only to the extent one understands; if one does not understand fully one’s translation would be defective to that extent.
As is evident translations of Quran are not the real words of God; that is factual and reasonable; that does not mean that Quran should not be translated for understanding it.
When one has finished it, we can compare our notes with one another.



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