2/3 of all converts to Islam in Britain are women

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I’ve read through this thread a bit, and there are the Muslims putting forth their points, often with evidence and then there are those who seem hellbent on simply stating “yes, Islam, sword, ofcourse” with little reasoning or response. Not all the resoonders are like that, some have put forward compelling, well educated, well-written posts.

I’d like to take this discussion in a slightly different direction. We keep getting told, by certain people, that Islam must have been spread by the sword, by violence, intimidation and necessity and yet, over 1400 years later, Islam is still the fastest growing religion on the planet and the fastest growing religion in the western world. 2/3 of all converts in Britain are women. I ask any fellow Brits here, do you see marauding hordes of Muslims with weapons forcing people, in particular women, to become Muslim? Is that the case today? How is Islam spreading throughout Britain, the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands so fast and so smoothly, even after the negative propaganda we are fed on a minute by minute basis?

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