Hot Debate : Are Children responsibility of the grandparents?

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Paarsurrey wrote :

Children are in no case responsibility of the grandparents.

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Draka wrote:

What gets me is the “Grandmothers use to help”. He didn’t say grandfathers, he said grandmothers. The whole issue being discussed at the time was child support or the non-payment thereof. Why should it fall to one parent and their mother to raise a child two created? Feminism hasn’t destroyed the family unit, feminism has nothing to do with a deadbeat parent. If a man (or woman) walks out on their responsibilities it shouldn’t be left to grandmothers to raise their grandchildren. And why does it always fall to the women with him? Newsflash, men are fully capable of raising their children too. I mean, sure, grandparents still help when they can and how they can if they can, but highlight on the word “if” please. People have their own problems to deal with as they get older. Some grandparents just may not be in any position to help. they shouldn’t be expected to either. They didn’t bring the child into the world, that would be its mother and father.

From saying that “grandmothers use to help”, to calling me “missy” and @JoStories@JoStories “woman”, to disagreeing with @A Greased Scotsman@A Greased Scotsman saying “Women do not lose or forsake their bodily autonomy when they become pregnant and they are not property or chattels for men to control as they please. Pregnant women are not walking incubators with no rights or sense of self. They’re human beings with needs.” (yes, Robert actually quoted that and simply said “disagree”), to many other statements here and elsewhere on this forum, it is quite evident that Robert is extremely sexist. Dangerously so. Scarily so. Add into the equation his persistent need to try to establish abuse, when we are specifically discussing domestic abuse, as “most often not one sided”, it sure sounds like he is trying to validate violence or blame the victim. Which is highly disturbing. This whole thread is highly disturbing now.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

I agree that grandparents are family members and should be respected for their role in the family, yet they do it out of live and charity not as a responsibility. If grand mothers help, the same way the grand fathers should do it.

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