Which existed first “something” or “nothing”?

May 21, 2015#1

Which existed first “something” or “nothing”?

or none of them unless the ONE who created/evolved them communicates and informs us which one.
Topic open for Theists and Atheists alike.

Sep 24, 2015#335

Pudding wrote:
Both is equally possible, but what is the true answer? I don’t know the true answer.
Something may existed first in a mystery that i don’t know of.
Nothing may existed first in a mystery that i don’t know of.
Who is the ONE?

The ONE true [God/Creator] A/B/C/D/E…etc from religion A/B/C/D/E…etc?
God A/B/C/D/E…etc?
Creator A/B/C/D/E…etc?
Which one is the ONE from those A/B/C/D/E…etc?
I guess each to their own.

It is G-d/Allah/Yahweh/Ahura-Mazda, the same ONE all over the world in different religions with different names in their language having 99+ attributes mentioned in Quran.

Quran- the amazing Recitation of systems introduces Him in the first Chapter called Al-Fatihah with four primary attributes of Him and then the whole Quran mentions one or more attributes of Him in the following chapters generated from the four primary attributes.

In this sense Quran is a book/Recitation which illustrates His attributes and as to how and when his attributes work in every chapter that follows Al-Fatihah.

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