Hot Debate:Carbon dating of the Birmingham manuscript: Quran cannot be before Muhammad’s birth

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Paarsurrey wrote:

The carbon dating of the Birmingham manuscript, as is evident, is not correct to second/minute/hour/day/year extent, it only provides a range within which it could be possibly located. Rest is to be decided by the inner evidence from the text of the scripture.
The inner evidence rejects that Quran could be before Muhammad’s birth for the reasons I have mentioned. Similarly, Muhammad was a real and historic person, the ineer evidence of the Birmingham manuscript reject that Quran descended after Muhammad.
The only possibility is that it was descended on Muhammad within his life span, though codified later in the time of Caliph Uthmān. Birmingham manuscript is similar to Uthmān Codex without change.
One cold observe the correctness of my above expression from the following verse of Quran:
The Holy Quran : Chapter 10: Yunus
[10:3]Is it a matter of wonder for men that We have inspired a man from among them,saying, ‘Warn mankind and give glad tidings to those who believe that they have a true rank of honour with their Lord?’ The disbelievers say, ‘Surely, this is a manifest enchanter.’

The OP or anybody else to tell us which other scripture could have come up with the above verse except Muhammad.

Discussion forum <>Thread: “Koran dated to before Muhamad birth”.

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