“Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?”

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Paarsurrey wrote:
There are people who claim to be physical descendants of Jesus, their claim should be paid due attention to by the researchers, like Olsson of France, the 59th descendant of Jesus and seeking DNA testing of the shrine’s remains. It is a challenge to the lovers of Jesus.

Roza Bal shrine

“That Jesus survived crucifixion, travelled to Kashmir, eventually died there and is buried in Srinagar is an urban legend which has found many takers over the years. Every season hundreds of tourists visit the Rozabal shrine of Sufi saint Yuz Asaf in downtown Srinagar, believed by many to be the final resting place of Christ.”

“Olsson arrived in Srinagar, claiming to be Christ’s ’59th descendant’ and seeking DNA testing of the shrine’s remains.
In a series of letters to the shrine’s caretakers , Olsson said she considers Rozabal a “private family tomb” . She further wrote: “My family has it (sic) origins in France, where Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene lived for 30 years after the crucifixion. There they had two sons and one daughter. We’re descendants of the son. And if you wish to know more, I refer you to a book called Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Lawrence Gardner.” Olsson went on to add that she was considering moving court to press her claim and secure the right to exhume the tomb. “We feel any claims you make about the sanctity of the grave are invalid … we would prefer to move our grandfather (out of Srinagar).”
It is a strong clue. Empty tomb did not tell that Jesus ascended to sky. It is a wrong notion.

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