Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?

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Paarsurrey wrote:

1. Jesus the ManBarbara Thieringsuggested that Jesus andJudas Iscariothad been crucified together but Jesus survived, marriedMary Magdalene, traveled around theMediterranean areaand then died in Rome.[10][56]

2. In 1995 Kenneth Hosking also suggested that Jesus survived crucifixion, but stated that Jesus was theTeacher of Righteousnessmentioned in theDead Sea Scrollsand decades later (73-74 AD) died as the leader of the Jewish forces which unsuccessfully fought the Romans during theSiege of Masada.[10][57]

3. According to theBook of Mormon, Jesus visited theAmerican nativesafter his resurrection

4. In 1996 the documentaryMysteries of the Bible presented an overview of the theories related to the travels of Jesus to India and interviewed a number of scholars on the subject.

5. Following places are mentioned wheretomb/grave of Jesus is said to be locatedor where it is believed thatJesuswasentombed.

a. Places that have been proposed as the location of such a tomb include:

    1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
    2. Garden Tomb, discovered in the 19th century outside the old city of Jerusalem
    3. Talpiot Tomb, rock-cut tomb in the East Talpiot neighborhood, five kilometers south of the Old City in East Jerusalem
    4. Roza Balthe reputed tomb of Jesus in Kashmir
    5. Shingō, Japan




Image on a Reliquary kept in la Sainte-Baume (South of France). The boat carrying Mary Magdelene into Southern France is also carrying a mummified body facing Mary mother of Jesus

It is a point of investigation, carbon dating, DNA matching for all the claimants to find out the remains of Jesus.


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