Tracing descendants of Jesus

The Descendants of Jesus: Tracing the Family of Christ Through the Ages 

Professor Hugh Montgomery has spent decades researching the bloodlines of Europe and Outremer. His controversial conclusions fly in the face of the accepted orthodoxy. Jesus married Mary Magdalene…

Now, as in the time of Jesus, the Jewish people wrote about the times and events around them.  Jesus was a Rabbi and by Jewish Law he must have been married and a father.  Celibacy, in the ways of Christian tradition, was considered unnatural to Jewish tradition.  A grown man who was unmarried & celibate would have been mentioned extensively in chronicles were this the actual case — the Romans didn’t destroy everything, so, where is this “unnatural behaviour” mentioned in extant records of those times? Celibacy does not equal purity — that is Pauline thought.  In the bounds of marriage, intimacy has no sin.  And if God incarnated in human form to experience a human life, how on earth would such an important part of life be left inexperienced? Rather or not Jesus married & had children should not shake faith.  It changes nothing of who he was and what he did, ultimately.  This is where faith steps in and is that not what it’s all about?
+@Rain Wolf I agree with you that Jesus got married and had children. There are many claimants as physical descendants of Jesus, in France, in KPK province of Pakistan and in Kashmir, their claims should not be ignored and must be searched into. DNA of such persons should be matched and the relics or remains of Jesus and Mary must be carbon-dated to find the truth. Regards

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