“The Tomb of Christ”

Shasta on April 5, 2009 at 22:41 said:

Yes, there are graves for Jesus in Jerusalem, France, Kashmir (India) and Japan.
My research has foused exclusively on the probable survival of jesus from crucifixion, and his ultimate trvaels and death in kashmir. These views have been reinforced first with the 12 appearances of jesus after crucifixion within the NT….plus examining evidence about crcuifixion and the plots afoot to save Jesus…then examining the overwhelming evidence in Kashmir. Yes, Muslims rule the tomb. All who were Christians, Jews, and Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist have either fled Kashmir or converted…leaving only Muslim caretakers. This has been a problem for those claiming the tomb is a Christian site.
I am returning to the region in September to resume the DNA project. The artifacts will be scientifically validated and documented at that time. Till then, please keep an open mind.
Or better yet, do some more reading and research on your own. If the theory proves correct, and Jesus is discovered there, this certainly will alter all historical views and interpretations.
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What is the latest on DNA testing?


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