HOT DEBATE: “Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?”

Post #198

Further to post #196 above. Jesus’ remains would be found where he journeyed to.
“Jesus’ Deliverance from the Cross & Journey to INDIA”

“I have written this knol so that by adducing proofs from
established facts, conclusive historical evidence of proven
value, and ancient documents of other nations, I might
dispel the serious misconceptions which are current among
Christians and most Muslim sects regarding the earlier and
the later life of Jesus.


Christians and most Muslims believe that Jesus was
raised to the heavens alive; both have believed for a long
time that Jesus is still alive in the heavens and will return to
the earth sometime in the latter days.”
marathakam abhijith. Jesus in India….FACT OR FLAW!!: THE FIRST SIDE….. [Internet]. Version 1. Abhijith’s Knols. 2010 Jun 28. Available from:

Discussion forum <>Thread: “Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?””.

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