Fanatic Atheists like Christopher Hitchens who pronounce themselves Anti-Theists would like to finish innocent civilians theists

  1. Post#83

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    There are fanatic Atheists as well who pronounce themselves as Anti-Theists and would like to annihilate even the innocent civilians theists from the world like Christopher Hitchens.

  2. Post #84

    Aquitaine said:


    When or where did Christopher Hitchens ever say he wanted to annihilate innocent civilians for being Theists?
    He called himself an “anti theist” as in “opposer of religious authority”, not “lets murder believers”.

  3. Post #85

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    The way he ridiculed, derided and mocked the religion and the way he supported the New Atheists movement or Anti-Theists movement and struggled politically as well and issued statements, that means something like that.

Discussion forum <>Thread: “Islam’s teaching on response to abuse and mockery”.

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