“Fixing the scripture …”

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Paarsurrey wrote:

I think my post was not intended personally for you or addressed to you personally; it was for everybody; nonetheless everybody is entitled to one’s line of thinking with or without reasons and of course to defend the same.

Like I said no other revealed scriptures:

1. makes the claim that it is guardian on other revealed treasure-of-teachings or that
2. it confirms the truth in all other revealed scriptures
3. respects the messengers prophets sent to all the regions of the world and their truthful descent and the truthfulness of their revelations as sent on their messengers.
4. And only Quran provides brilliant reasons on all of this
5. And this is done to rightly eulogize their beloved spiritual leaders and the truth of their scriptures
6. Quran also reinstates the reason part of their scriptures lost in the debris of time by the errant clergy
7. And this restores the shine and luster of all the religions as they all have the same basic teachings being from one source of the one true attributive creator God.
8. This way religion is strengthened in the face of the current atheistic/agnostic/skeptic trends in the world.

This is my sincere opinion and others could believe as per their conscience.

Other points in your post would be answered separately, God-willing.

Thanks for your comments, however

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