There is nothing hypothetical in Quran, all from real life

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    Paarsurrey wrote:

    One is welcome to differ with me, yet I will express my belief that I find truthful no compulsion whatsoever for others to accept it or to get convinced with it. One has to find one’s own way for one’s life. It is just a gesture for peaceful dialogue.

    Abrahamic line has been given only because Muhammad happened to be from that line, but that does not exclude others. It is Quran’s style to start with the immediate people that makes it pragmatic , then to make it generic and to generalize for the whole world. There is nothing hypothetical, all from real life.


  2. Post #52

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    One could accept it like that as a plausible notion , as one gets it confirmed with one’s own experiences, then one may become firm on this.

  3. Post #53

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    Quran is the final and formal Word of G-d, in that sense yes. In status Muhammad is the last prophet/messenger of G-d. After him there could come caliph/prophets who would follow Quran, that does not change the status of Muhammad as a master prophet/messenger.


    Post #55

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    Muslim is a generic name it does not relate to a person (like Zoroastrian relate to Zoroaster or Christians to Christ or Buddhist to Buddha etc), anybody who submits to truth and is perfectly peaceful with truth qualifies to be called a muslim which in fact the word means. If one with one’s own free-will wants to become a formal Muslim then one has to openly declare and become one as such.
    I think it helps.

  1. Post #56

Paarsurrey wrote:

The caliphate of Islam stands restored with Caliph/Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908. The present day is his fifth caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

 Post #59
  1. Paarsurrey wrote:

    I agree with you.

    Post #60
  2. Paarsurrey wrote:

    I have checked all such places in Quran, all such places are clear in the context verses.
    Muhammad was indeed opposed to violence and war.


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