Jews broke “Sinaitic covenant”, hence Jews go out of the lineage of Abraham and Jacob

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Further to my post #120 above, I add:
Jesus’ reasonable argument is:
The Jews believe that they are from the lineage of Abraham and as such fall under the covenant of G-d with Abraham:
“God concluded a covenant with Abraham (Gen. xv. 18, xvii. 2, 7) by which He entered into a special relationship with him and his descendants for all time” that “was renewed on Mount Sinai when, before the giving of the Law, Israel as a people pledged itself to keep His covenant (Ex. xix. 8).” Jewish Encylopedia.
“Judaism knows of no other than the old Sinaitic covenant. Eternal as the covenant with heaven and earth is God’s covenant with the seed of Jacob (Jer. xxxiii. 25et seq.).” Jewish Encylopedia.
The Law given under Sinaitic covenant has two most important statutes.
1. Belief in ONENESS of G-d. Deut. 6:5-9
2. Accepting the truthful prophets of G-d. Deut. 18:20
By not following the above statutes and denying Jesus’ prophet-hood, the Jews of the time of Jesus had broken the covenant and were thus out of the lineage of Abraham or Jacob.
Jesus charged the Jews correctly. Right?

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