Signs of fundamentalist-atheists and or fanatic-atheists

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I wonder if taking an atheist stance is as intellectually dishonest as any theist stance. Basically, both sides offer solutions that are only broadly implied and inconclusive. I have seen Richard Dawkins dismiss peer reviewed and published studies that he himself admits he has never read. That is the pinnacle of intellectual dishonesty. For the most part, we seem to be drawn to certain conclusions based on intellectual of intuitive proclivities or tendencies whose processes we are only vaguely able to account for. We do this in spite of the most obvious of facts, primary among which is the fact that we really don’t know anything about the nature of existence. The most common responses I see from atheists are declarations about the silliness or absurdity of other ideas, which is an opinion, not an argument.
People create epicycles in logic to support whatever they believe. If you are a materialist, you create dark matter to resolve the issues caused by certain conclusions in physics. I have seen people who call themselves scientists simply create more dark matter as the need presents itself. I have seen them create infinite universes to solve other problems brought about by their own conclusions, when there is absolutely no evidence that infinite universes are anything more than a possibility. Not a fact or a conclusion, but a possibility. A rather fantastic notion that rivals anything from religious myth. It also assumes that in these infinite universes, every possible outcome plays itself out. Which means the outcome of a God is in fact happening in one of them I would think, while in yet another universe, you yourself are God and you have fooled yourself into thinking that there is no such thing. A Hindu would tell you that the latter is precisely the universe you are in right now. The universe in which you have deluded yourself through materialist mythology into believing that there is no God, when that is in fact that is precisely what you are – God . If you believe in infinite universes, well you have to allow for that outcome if we are going to be truly intellectually honest.
As for what I believe, well, I believe that neither of us has a clue, and this intellectual honesty. And when we refuse to explore other ideas, well, I think that’s hiding.
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Paarsurrey wrote:

These are signs of some anti-theist/atheists becoming fundamentalist-atheists or fanatic-atheists.
This is one aspect which makes science gibberish at times.

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