Science does no miracles

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paarsurrey Wrote:

Science does no miracles and science does not claim to have done any. The scientific progress is just a part of evolution of man. No credit deserves to be given to the philosophers, mathematicians and or to the scientists in this regard.
Does one agree to it?

The participants in this discussion:
If they belong to a revealed religion,

  • They should quote from the revealed scripture for their claim and reason and then elaborate their viewpoint.

Those who fall back on science for support, they should quote for their relative claims and reasons from:

  • A peer reviewed article published in a science journal of repute
  • From a text book of science
  • Please mention the specific science discipline that deals with it.

and then elaborate their viewpoint. This is for ease of comparison.
Thread open for Theists and the Atheists alike.

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Red Economist

Red Economist Wrote :

amazingly, I sort of agree with this, but thats because I think of scientific knowledge as the work, achievement and property of all mankind. In very general economic terms, without the work of many people providing the kind of resources to feed and educate these scientists, etc, their discoveries would not be possible. more specifically, scientists drew on others work or relied on others to make their discoveries. it is sort of an illusion that a singe person ‘magically’ came up an idea and tends to reflect notions of intellectual property rather than the process of sharing ideas that is part of science.

e.g. the fact that darwin is credited with evolution ignores the contribution of other scientists and thinkers in this process such as Alfred Russell Wallace. Issac Newton is credited with major breakthroughts with developing Calculus, but there is a controversey over whether Gottfreid Leibniz got there first. Not sure about Einstein, but it was the Engish Physist Arthur Eddignton who actually demonstrated the validity of the general theory of relativity.

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