When science goes gibberish; what does it indicate?

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paarsurrey started the Topic ” When science goes gibberish; what does it indicate?”  :

Open for discussion for the Theists and the Atheists alike.

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Augustus wrote in response:

I find it interesting that most people have claimed that when ‘science talks gibberish’ it is because the reader doesn’t understand. The ‘science’ is right, it’s just the reader that is wrong.

Of course this is an issue, but in many areas termed ‘science’ much if not most of material published in academic journals is wrong.

When scientists talk gibberish it is frequently due to things such as poor methodology, poor mathematics (especially statistics and probability), deliberate misrepresentation for professional or financial advancement and wishful thinking.

In terms of language though, scientists aren’t half as bad as other academics who tend to use the most complex way possible to explain a simple concept just to affect an image of sophistication. Can’t remember who it was but someone said something along the lines of ‘the value of an academic discipline is inversely proportional to how long a layman can talk about it before the expert realises the layman doesn’t know what they are talking about’.

You like this.

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