Quran secure and preserved from the times of Muhammad

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Quran is well preserved. There are/were never two Qurans in the world.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

It is simply wrong.
Quran existed in the time of Muhammad; the Revelation was received and completed in 23 years of the ministry of Muhammad; and primarily committed to memory by the Muslims; only as a secondary measure it was also written down by the scribes as dictated to them by Muhammad.
Quran is a systematic Verbal Revelation; learnt by heart, as a sentence or more were revealed on Muhammad by G-d. Muhammad himself committed this Revelation to his memory and from him his companions did. And this system continues forth unimpaired till our times and in future also. Quran was never a written book sent down literally by G-d from the skies. So primarily Quran is a Verbal Revelation as the word “Quran” suggests means and conveys.
It is however the genius of Muhammad (peace be upon him); that though he was himself not well-versed in reading and/or writing, that he felt the importance of writing in the times to come in the world; so side by side as an auxiliary or secondary measure, never as the original in the first place; he also did whatever was possible to record this revelation in writing, so that both always existed supporting one another. This is another meaning; that this Verbal Revelation, having a system in it, in a would-be sense committed to writing was also called a book.
Anybody could go to any mosque in any part of the world to whatever denomination of Muslims, ask for Qari or Hafiz Quran there, he would recite verbally the Quran in Arabic, that would be the same as the written one. Easy to verify the system of preservation of Quran.

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