Influence of Hellenism/paganism on Jews: Jewish Encylopedia

Paarsurrey posted following comments on Jewish Encylopedia under the topic “HELLENISM”:
Paar Surrey
I appreciate the first two paragraphs of the above write-up. Under influence of the Hellenism/paganism the Jews had been influenced and resorted to borrowing their mythical religious concepts into their own religion. Jews being “sons of G-d” which was only a spiritual concept, not a physical one, some groups started believing it as physical for certain hero personalities of their religion (like Ezra). They were led astray from the Moses’ teachings and needed to be reformed.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

For the purposes of Judaism and Islam who believe ONENESS of G-d, the polytheists be they Hellenists or pagans are same, they may be different otherwise.
The 1906 Jewish Encylopedia discusses them both in the article HELLENISM, I think for the same reason.


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