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Paarsurrey wrote:
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Paarsurrey wrote:

“Iran sinks before the hordes of Arabs.”

“The death of Khusru Parviz, who had waged the last war in the standing rivalry with the West, heralded the collapse of the Persian empire. The death-knell of the national greatness had been struck when with the advent of the weak kings on the throne the commanders, who felt the allegiance of the army to them rather than to the person of the king, persuaded the army to revolt. Rival princes strove to assert their respective rights to the throne. Court intrigues and strifes became rife. The long wars with the Romans in the far West and the Eastern hordes near at home, whose inroads were facilitated by the unfavourable geographical position of Persia, had exhausted the national resources. Famine and plague had extended their ravages over the whole country. Unbridled luxury, with all its concomitant vices, was imported from foreign lands, and the simplicity of life inculcated by Zarathushtra and zealously upheld by the Dasturs was abandoned. The masses did not escape the contagion of the luxury and vice of the nobility, and the love of simplicity was replaced by a feverish worship of pleasure. The simple habits fostered by agricultural pursuits were on the wane; and the entire social fabric of Iran was seriously dislocated. The springs of patriotism were sapped, and the bravery with which the Persians of old had faced their national foes was weakened. The age of valour had given place to an age of weakness and decay.”​

M.N. Dhalla: History of Zoroastrianism (1938), part 6

This happened as per the prophecy of Zoroaster mentioned in Desatir, that got fulfilled.
The Zoroastrians should appreciate.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

I have asked many Zoroastrians if Zoroaster prophesied for the downfall of Zoroastrian rule and downfall of the Zoroastrian religion. Nobody could answer. Zoroaster was a truthful prophet, it is impossible that he would have not mentioned these events.

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