Did some Jews believe “Ezra as Son of G-d”

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“[9:30]And the Jews say, Ezra is the son of Allah,”

Paarsurrey wrote:

Was Ezra a Jew or not?
If yes, what is his status in Judaism?

Post #80

As per Exodus Chapter 4:22 And you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘So said the Lord, “My firstborn son is Israel.” ‘

Paarsurrey wrote:

All Jews are sons of G-d.
Ezra was a Jew and a high status religious Jewish figure, and that makes him a son of G-d as per Torah. Right ?
Quran addresses the Jews living in Medina at that time and their religious concepts. They never raised a question at that time that it was a wrong allegation that they believed Ezra as son of G-d. Later they migrated from Medina and might have joined/merged with other denominations and changed or reformed their concepts.
Quran addresses altogether different issues in the context verses where Ezra/Jesus have been mentioned.
Right ?

Post #82

Paarsurrey wrote:

It is on the person who makes the objection to prove that the Jews of Medina did not believe in this concept as the Jews of Medina were addressed specifically in a part of the verse.
The discussion in the context is not Ezra but something else.
You may take help, if you like, from Jewish friends in the forum or from elsewhere with whom the issue concerns directly.
They should prove that Jews of Medina did never have this concept.
Jews were divided in sects and denominations; this trend continued. New sects/denominations emerge and the old ones vanish.
Quran is not a book of history. Quran deals ethical,moral and spiritual issues in a reasonable and pragmatic way.

Post #91

Paarsurrey wrote:

I don’t agree with you. The context of the verse of Quran is very clear.
The Jews were superstitious people and were susceptible and inclined to the thoughts and concepts of paganism in the time of Moses as well as Jesus in spite of Moses and Jesus being against such thoughts.
In the time of Moses the Jews made the Golden Calf disregarding the teachings of Moses; consequently as mentioned in Torah, Moses had to kill 3000 Jews as a punishment of the same.
Paul was a Jew, when Jesus came to India, in his absence, Paul founded the tenets of modern Christianity and made Jesus a son of G-d.
Jesus was a Jew and was a “son of G-d” in terms of the Torah/Exodus as was Ezra, the Hight Priest.
Quran’s purpose is to reform Christianity and Judaism (whatever their sect/denomination) and bring them back to the teachings of Moses.
When the Jewish tribes who resided in Medina migrated from there and merged with other denominations and relinquished their concept of Ezra being a physical son of G-d, that is good and in line with the purpose of Quran. So should the Christians do.
This is what the context of the verse says.

Post #93

Paarsurrey wrote:

But that happened before the advent of Islam.There were hardly any Christians in Mecca or Medina, if Quran is correct about the Christians, there is no doubt about that; then the Quran must be correct about the Jews of Medina.



Please note from the above that there existed some groups of the Jews who later became extinct.



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