Abram and Abraham (Ibrahim) are two different characters

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Abram and Abraham (or Ibrahim) are two different characters.

The Jewish narrators/scribes/clergy had copycatted the story of Abram.
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Anyone who has done an ounce of research into the whole Camels issue, already knows that Mesopotamia had domesticated camels long before the Egyptians or anyone else, yet that is not the point! The fact is that evidence clearly indicates that Camels were not domesticated in Egypt until around 1000 BCE and in the Gen, narrative we have the Pharoah giving Abram Camels in return for the prostitution of Abram’s wife/sister! This according to all of the leading authorities in the field of biblical and secular Archaeology is an anachronism! In particular, see the work of prof. Finkelstien, Tel Aviv University and Prof. Ze’ev Herzog also of the Tel Aviv University. Even the Conservative Christian Biblical Archaeologist, William F. Albright came to this conclusion. This “new discovery” demonstrates nothing that has not already been known in the past, yet it does not overturn the consensus of Biblical and Achaeological Scholarship at present, which is; the reference to camels is an anachronism (fiction). When evidence comes to light which contradicts the present view, I will be the first to examine it and if it holds weight, I will say, Yes, camels were domesticated prior to the end of the 2nd millenium BCE.

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